Change A Yale Cylinder

By far the most common lock our London Locksmiths come across is the 'Yale' lock.

There are many different types, but almost all designs use a standard cylinder or 'barrel'.

This is correctly known as an 1109 cylinder, but is also commonly called a 'Yale Barrel', a 'barrel', or a 'rim cylinder'.

Many different companies make cylinders like this, so even if your lock doesn't say Yale, if it looks like the examples shown, we can change it.

Some names you may find on your lock are; Bird, Yale, Union, Era, Zone, Stirling, Legge, Abus, Asec, Keepsafe, Jedo, and many more.

Please note: 99% of the time if your lock looks like this, it is a simple Yale lock and can be changed at the price given.

However, there are one or two unusual variants which look very similar, but are not the same, and can be more expensive.

If in doubt email us a picture of your specific lock using this link, and we can confirm the price.

If you have a cylinder as described above, we supply and install a replacement high security 1109 cylinder, so your old keys no longer operate the lock.

The cylinder we supply is a 10 pin, high security cylinder, available in either brass or chrome finish.

It is supplied with two high security, registered keys.

Additional keys are available at the time of installation in pairs. (extra keys £16 per pair)

Our locksmith will ask you how many keys you require prior to installation.

Our experienced London locksmith have recently changed Yale cylinders in Camden NW1 and Borehamwood WD6 and many other areas.

Remember - All prices include fitting by one of our experienced London Locksmiths!

£85 including parts,
including labour & including VAT!

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