Change A Chubb Lock

By far the most common mortice lock (sometimes incorrectly called 'mortise') found in London is the Chubb Mortice Lock.

Often used generically, the words 'Chubb Lock' can mean many different things, but here we are concentrating on the proper definition.

A Chubb lock is a lock that is generally added onto the door as an additional lock. It is usually installed lower down on the door below the yale or nightlatch.

The word 'Chubb' will be engraved into the face plate of the lock along with the words 'Five Lever' or 'Five Detainer'. It will also be easily identified by it's key which will be brass in colour. Please take a look at the adjacent photographs to see if your lock is a Chubb.

If you do have a Chubb lock then the news is good, the lock is of such high quality that in order to change the keys we do not need to change the entire lock. We can instead re-key the lock using components that we keep in each of our Locksmith vans.

This re-key keeps the price down and is a reliable and time-tested process.

Two new keys will be provided but our locksmiths carry additional keys in pairs that we can issue immediately. (extra keys £14 per pair)

Our Locksmith will ask you how many keys you require prior to installation.

We have recently changed Chubbs for customers in New Southgate N11 and Kentish NW5.

London Locksmith Service, serving London since 1982.

Remember - All prices include fitting by one of our experienced London Locksmiths!

£85 including parts,
including labour & including VAT!

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