The GERDA Lock

The Strongest Lock known to mankind.

Firstly, we supply and install the GERDA Lock.

We DO NOT cut keys for GERDA Locks, only Gerda can and their telephone number is 01638 711028

The GERDA is a lock of unique construction. It's main component, the patented Rim cylinder, was designed by GERDA engineers over 20 years ago. Since then has been continuously perfected to resist all known forced entry techniques. With a solid steel casing and reinforced locking bolts extending across the lock body, the GERDA Locks is capable of sustaining a much greater force than common locks made of brass alloy.

These GERDA Locks are the weapon of choice for many council's, local authorities and housing associations. This is because of the incredible strength of the GERDA Lock. Many of these properties have fallen into private ownership as a result of the right-to-buy legislation. Private owners find themselves needing replacement keys which they cannot obtain. This is where we can step in and replace the entire lock wich comes with six new keys.

(please note, we cannot provide additional keys, even for locks we install, GERDA may not help either so look after your six keys!)


  • White


  • 6 keys supplied

£349 including parts,
including labour & including VAT!

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