Garage Door 'T' Handle

This 'T' style handle is the most common type found on wide variety of sheet metal or timber up-and-over garage doors, particularly the well known Henderson brand. If your handle looks like those in our pictures, we can swap it for you.

Our price includes a replacement 'T' handle with two keys, and labour to swap the handle on an existing garage door, in good working order. It does not include the locking mechanism on the reverse of the door, or any repair or replacement required to get this portion of the door operational.

There are many different garage door handles used in the UK, and we can replace almost all types, so if your lock doesn't look like the examples shown, you can email us a picture for more information.

  • Price includes fitting
  • Includes 2 x keys
  • Compatible with many common garage door mechanisms

Our experienced london locksmiths have recently fitted this lock in Kingsbury NW9 and Hackney Wick E9.

London Locksmith Service, serving London since 1982.

£129 including parts,
including labour & including VAT!

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