Concealed Security Garage Door Bolts

The bolts are supplied and installed in 'keyed alike' pairs, one to the left and one to the right of your garage door.

Depending on your particular door and frame, we may mount the bolts locking downwards into the ground or locking sideways into the frame.

The triple-throw bolts extend a full 70mm providing a very secure bond between door and frame once locked.

The body of the bolt is fastened to the door using blind bolts that can only be unscrewed from the inside.

Three four-sided high security cruciform keys are provided.

More than a million key differs or combinations) are theoretically possible with this type of key.

This is the more discrete option for securing your garage door.

Can be operated from both inside and outside, so can be an ideal solution for integral garages.

Our experienced london locksmiths have recently fitted this lock in Teddington TW11 and Finsbury Park N4.

London Locksmith Service, serving London since 1982./p>

£279 including parts,
including labour & including VAT!

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